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Healthy balanced food -
welcome to our MSF Cafeteria!

It is our mission to ensure that our students have healthy and delicious food every day, so that they can feel energised and motivated throughout the school day.  We offer four different menus every day: a fish or meat option, a vegetarian, a vegan and an allergen-free menu (for example, gluten and lactose free), so that all guests can choose according to their tastes and needs.The menus always consist of a main course, a salad and a dessert. Water is offered as a drink.

We do not use convenience products, but fresh, regional and organic ingredients. We cook according to the rules of the DGE, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, carried out by the German Society for Nutrition DGE.
Our kitchen underwent extensive renovation in the summer of 2021, allowing us to freshly prepare and cook all dishes on site daily. The upgrade gives our students and staff the opportunity to experience a tasty, healthy and modern 'international' lunch every day.
We also accommodate the most widespread allergies like gluten and lactose as well as vegan. Our school is nut-free.
In cooperation with the Werksküche Frankfurt, we aim to offer our guests a tasteful and healthy dining experience. We uphold our quality standards daily and are happy to welcome and convince you of our wide selection! Come in and enjoy!

Weekly Lunch & Snacks Menu

The Lunch Menu is displayed on the website every Friday for the following week. Please find the menu for this week here!

Metropolitan School Frankfurt has a spacious cafeteria catering to the entire school community. From 10:00-14:15, students utilise this modern facility to enjoy their morning and lunch breaks. Staggered lunchtimes allow students to eat with their classmates, fully supervised by teachers at all times.
From 08:15, a café is open for parents to enjoy a coffee and pastry while meeting and socialising at the beginning of the school day. At 14:30, the café opens once more to welcome parents who arrive early for pick-up, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a cappuccino and purchase snacks for their children after school. 

The cafeteria is used for meetings, presentations and MSF social events.
We are always open for new ideas and improvements. Feedback is always welcome at

Your MSF Cafeteria Team