“At MSF, we see education as a process of self-discovery. We provide opportunities for students to identify their strengths and augment them with hands-on learning. We also identify growth areas and equip students with targeted strategies that support their development as learners and individuals.”
Dr Kyle Coppes
Secondary Principal
MSF Graduates
IB Pass Rate
Highest Score (Max 45)
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“At MSF we value Independence, Internationalism, and Inspiration.” 

Our educational philosophy is that ALL students can learn, ALL students can grow, and ALL students can contribute to making MSF the special place that it is. 

We live this philosophical approach each day by providing our students with hands-on learning opportunities. We believe that students learn best when they are making, tinkering, and exploring new and challenging concepts. We believe that high expectations are best met when they are individualised and tailored to meet the needs of the individual student. We believe that students, parents, teachers, and administrators share a common purpose and a common responsibility for overall student success.

At the center of the Secondary School experience stands the belief that if a student truly thrives in school, he/she will fulfil his/her potential. Grades 6-12 offer a challenging academic programme that balances learning with the adolescent’s need for social interaction and connection. Our students work in a nurturing environment that encourages them to manage their time, assume responsibility for their learning, and become independent thinkers. Every step of the way, they are guided by a team of teachers committed to providing attention to each student’s personal, social and academic development.

Grade 6 students enter the Secondary School armed with a laptop and excited about having a modern four-story building to call their own. Grade 12 students leave the Secondary School as adults whose knowledge, skills and personal attributes enable them to approach future study –and international life–with confidence.