"Every child is unique and should be given a voice and the chance to develop into an independent, confident and reflective individual. At MSF we achieve this by providing playful learning opportunities in a structured yet exploratory setting, a sense of belonging, and trusting relationships and interactions in a diverse learning environment."
Nadine Henkel
Early Years Leader

Children are natural researchers and explorers, continually developing within their environment. Our experienced and engaged teaching team has as its goal to accompany and support each child along the way.

We believe that each child is unique and valuable. We respect children’s  individual opinions and encourage them to ask questions and actively participate in age-appropriate decisions.

We strive to provide a balance of structured activities and play-based learning in an inspiring, stimulating environment. While children at MSF are immersed in the English and German languages, we encourage them to make connections to their mother tongue and celebrate our diverse community of learners.

Regine, Transition Parent (Germany)
Our son started at Transition last summer and we could not be happier. MSF has given him a lot of opportunities to learn, to develop, to find friends, to experience other cultures and languages, to express himself in various ways, may it be arts, music, sports, reading, writing, creativity, show & tell, theatre play and so on. He has bloomed in a way we did not expect it and we are truly happy and thankful for it! All teachers and staff have made an enormous effort this difficult last year to allow the kids the most freedom and fun, the most normal daily routine possible and never forgot the very clear and strict hygiene rules. Creative solutions were found promptly, we were informed at all times and always knew that the school would do whatever is in its power- a wonderful feeling to know that the interest of our child is looked after!